An Indian Community Based Offering Platform

Marketplace connecting people to get offers from local outlets, businesses, associations and individuals from county and nearest city

Amazing Features


It is a real time communication feature to experience personal conversation regarding offers. It improves engagement between buyers and sellers.


It will update users with promoted local offers.

Manage Activity

This is to promote or delete posted offers and edit outlet details from manage activity.

Refer A Friend

It is for refer INDOFFER to the contacts, friends and relatives through available various platforms.

Share Offers

Offers can be share through available various platforms to the contacts

Offer Views

It give real time numbers of views from visitors on posted offers.

Add Offer

  • Register Outlet: Grocery, Restaurant and Clothing outlet will be registered here and you can attract more customers by posting your outlet offers.
  • Events: Post your event with Banner, Name, web links and short description to invite people with INDOFFER
  • Property: To rent and sell any residential, commercial and land & plot property, post an offer with its details and pictures.
  • Sell: Give attractive offer and sell instant cars & bikes, mobiles & TV, Furniture, Appliances and others items within county.
  • Biz: INDOFFER is an opportunity for services like beautician, technology, catering, photography and others.



Get Offer

  • Property: User can ask property deals for Lease and buy residential, commercial and Land & Plots. Requirements will be sent to subscription users.
  • Insurance: User can ask for insurance offers for home, car, medical, commercial, etc. Requirements will be sent to subscription users.

Leads & Promotion

  • Top listing: Top listing will gives you an opportunity to any one of the first two places for your outlet. It will show your outlet in any one of the first two places within county in respective tabs like grocery, restaurant and clothing
  • Get Leads: Requirement regarding property deals and insurance offer will be sent to Subscription users.
  • Advertise with us: We have 7 banner space for advertisement it will come just above the bottom menu to display your advertisement For more Information send us your company name and purpose of advertisement.



Awesome Benifits

Community Platform

It is a county based community app which help local buyers and seller to post their offerings

Post Offers

One of the Awesome benefits of INDOFFER to post offers with pictures, Cost, Time duration, Offer description, etc. to attract buyers and visitors.

Local Audience

Number of audience from and within community will increase the probability of communication with seller and visitors for outlet according to their interest.

Real Time Activity

Updating information, Posting Offers, chat, views gives real time experience to buyers and sellers.


Offering deals about event, property, sell, Biz from businesses, associations, Individuals from and within county.


Large, medium & small outlets, businesses and sellers to increase reach to
local audience by Add offer, Notification, Get offer and Promotions.
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Marketplace connecting people to get offers from local outlets, businesses, associations and individuals from county and nearest city